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Learning is our business. Intrepid Learning empowers you to reach your people with smart, effective, and engaging learning solutions that stick. Learner-first, mobile-friendly, cloud-based.

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Improve Performance

Ensure knowledge and skills are ingrained, retained, and have actual performance impact with continuous learning and real-world practice delivered at the right pace — best practice methodologies that really work are built in.

Increase Agility

Speed your time to organizational impact and react to changing business requirements quickly with a technology configured in weeks, not months. Update your content in minutes. And get that content to your learners anytime, anywhere — Intrepid’s solutions are as mobile-friendly as your learners are.

Reduce Costs

Train, educate, and influence your audience more cost effectively — unlike yesterday’s learning technologies, Intrepid’s SaaS learning applications allow you to design, develop, administer and maintain your training solutions more nimbly for less.


Simple & Engaging

Intuitive for both learners and administrators — we worked hard to make it easy to use.

Active & Experiential

Go from passive learning to effective learning, and apply it to the real job at hand, today.

Impactful & Scientific

Designed using proven, learner-centric methodologies to ensure success.

World Class Clients

We work with some of the best, brightest, and most innovative companies in the world.

“Addictive. I am NOT a gamer, but I felt like one when I was completing the MOOC. So different than your typical eLearning.”
“You guys rock— the best partners I’ve had in my career so far!”
“It’s the best platform I’ve ever used for a training!”

(If you’re thinking, “Wait, you’re the Intrepid Learning that does outsourcing and consulting…aren’t you? I really need outsourcing training services!” we suggest you read this press release — which is all about how Xerox acquired Intrepid’s outsourcing and services business at the beginning of 2015 — and then head over to Xerox Learning Services where they do a great job doing all that stuff.)